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Japan Airport Ground Service Program

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Japan Airport Ground Service Program 2022

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Program Detail

Japan Airport Ground Staff Program
Total 468 Hours

(Approx. 4 months) 


Hexagon GMI:  May 31st, 2021 ~ Sep.17th, 2022

  • Airport Ground Service Education

  • Airport Business Japanese 
  • Business Japanese 
  • Advanced Conversational Japanese
  • Airport Logistics English 

  • CV & Resume / Interview mentoring
  • Understanding Japanese Culture

  • Practical CRS , Exam Preparation
  • Customers Service & Courtesy
  • Practical Airport Logistics 

  • Technical terms for Airport Ground Service 
  • Japanese for Customer Service 
  • Report composition & Delivery Skill

  • Interview TIP, CV + Resume Sharpening
  • Japanese courtesy & Conversation with alumni
  • JLPT / JPT


  • Korean citizens under the age of 34 who are eligible for overseas employment 
  • (Junior) College graduates or prospective graduates who could work overseas after training
  • People over 34 could apply if the total number is less than 30% of the entire participants. Those with relevant career are preferred. 
  • People who are eligible for Japan Working Visa 


  • People with overseas experience and 2+ years of overseas career in relevant sector.  
  • Extra credits are provided to Livelihood protection, children of national merits and youths with employment difficulties.
  • Intermediate / Advanced level of English / Japanese 
  • People who have attained and experienced CRS certificates 


  1.  Participants who are deemed to be capable of living overseas 
  2.  Participants with positive and optimistic characters 
  3.  Participants who are expected to faithfully participate 

Employment Support

Employment Support
-  We hold orientation with employed participants about requirements and other notices. 

-  We check the overall visa issuance process between companies and recruits. 

-  Other paperwork & communication with recruiting companies 

Post-Employment Support

-  Post-Recruitment counseling support 

-  Overseas Settlement Subsidies 

-  Job Transfer Counseling 

Support for Unemployed Participants

-  The above course aims for recruitment of its entire participants

-  After the course we will make 1+ phone calls and make offline visits to education centers for job counseling.

-  We will relay job information for feasible employment 

-  We continuously provide job information of relevant industry for successful employment  

Recruiting Companies

※ Please touch the image for better view
※ Please touch the image for better view

Government Subsidies

Government subsidies are available for course fee, textbook, insurance and visa issuance  

(5.8 million ₩ )

After finishing 70% of the course, we will proceed to employment linkage and follow-up service

Overseas Settlement Grants

4 million ₩
Subsidy Type
1st Subsidy
2 million / 1 month after 
2nd Subsidy
2 million / 6 months after 
3rd Subsidy
2 million / 12 months after 

How to Apply

Email   apply@hexagongmi.com

KakaoTalk   Add "Hexagon GMI" through KakaoTalk Channel 

Tel.   02 - 517 - 9988