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Hexagon GMI  specializes in overseas recruitment and job training 

We are an official sponsor of HRDK K-MOVE program, and we are Korean Ministry of Education Life-long learning institute and Ministry of Employment and Labor HRD learning institute promoting various domestic education and recruitment programs. 
Through years of experience, Hexagon GMI has built global network database with major domestic and overseas companies and universities and promoted projects with more than 30 international corporations. We will continue to strive to guarantee dream and vision of our outstanding participants through full employment in Japan and Vietnam. To improve our competitiveness and realize our core values, Hexagon Group will thrive for efficient management of firm with the help of domestic and international specialists. 
We will always be a faithful companion for those with dreams and passion.

Hexagon GMI


We aim to provide the best service through steady, substantive value-enhancement

Creativity & Initiative

Hexagon GMI realizes ambitious planning 

through exact analysis and corporate creativity

Faith & Principle

Hexagon GMI is an ideal firm operated based on 

steadfast business principle and business ethics.

Modernization & Globalization

Hexagon GMI achieves its aim through 

effective deployment of Human Resources

We strive to be a trustful and transparent institute through strengthening our competency and innovative management. 
We also aim to be a well-respected, steadily growing firm through realizing our business principle which extends to customer satisfaction, innovative management and human respect.

- Value Creation and Customer Satisfaction 
- Transparent Management 
- Fair Trade 
- Harmony and Cohesion 
- Fulfillment of Social Responsibility & Development of Human Society


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Company Name :  Hexagon GMI     CEO  :  Park Hyun Jung 

Registration No.  :  482-87-00483    Website Manager  :  Yu Mi Choi 

E-Mail  :  yumi@hexagongmi.com     TEL  :  82+2+517+9988

FAX  :  82+2+517+9905     

Address  :  Eunjuro 603, Gangnamgu, Seoul, 

Seojin Building 3rd Floor. 

Copyright (C) 2020 HEXAGON GMI All rights Reserved.


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Company Name  :  Hexagon GMI     CEO  :  Park Hyun Jung   Registration No.  :  482-87-00483    Website Manager  :  Yu Mi Choi   E-Mail  :  yumi@hexagongmi.com

TEL :  82+2+517+9988     FAX :  82+2+517+9905     Address  :  Eunjuro 603, Gangnam gu, Seoul, Seojin Building 3rd Floor.

Copyright (C) 2020 HEXAGON GMI All rights Reserved.